DJ Marlee's dynamic blend of Hard and Funky-Electro-Techy-House music keeps people slam-dancing until the sun comes up or their knees give out.  Marlee's energy, enthusiasm and undeniable skill have made her unique sound a staple at events and nightclubs across Western Canada.  Marlee is a tireless rhythm explorer - searching for mixes that keep the crowds jumping.

After taking her turn at turntablism at the turn of the century,  Marlee was rarely seen more than a headphone cords length away from her decks, spending monstrous hours perfecting her mixes.  Becoming obsessed with high-energy music, she developed a "go hard or go home" attitude, and was determined to fight her way to the top of BC's underground scene.  She played ultra-rocking Hard House and Breaks sets, taking dancers on a wicked down-right dirty romp through the electronic music dance world.  The diverse little powerhouse eventually caught the ear of several promoters, many of whom booked her for their Victoria club nights. 

Soon her weekends were jammed with gigs at raves, art shows, charity events, outdoor festivals, and regular gigs at night clubs like the legendary Hush.  A club where everyone from the bus boys to the guys in the back playing pool, live and breathe electronic music and mixing. These shows led to magazine articles, radio shows, several appearances on MTV Canada (Vancouver BC) and The New VI.  Her undeniable skill level and the promise of becoming a West Coast star led to her signing by two of the biggest promoters at the time, Neotribe Records and Fat Kat.  As offers began to pour in from across Western Canada, including a Friday-night-weekly residency at one of Victoria's more celebrated nightspots - Lucky Bar, Marlee became known as a woman who could throw down with the best of them.

A technical artist, who unabashedly unleashes build-ups and bass lines that tear dance floors to pieces, DJ Marlee is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the world's best.  She's played alongside some of the worlds finest artists (Chris Liberator, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Jelo, Starkillers, Simply Jeff, Uberzone, John Howard).  Her numerous appearances at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Vancouver, Alberta, and North Island BC (Soundwave), and her newest residency (Sunset Room) have thrown more fuel on the fire as Marlee, nearly 10 years into her DJ career only seems to gain momentum.  Professional party heads - prepare to get thumped.

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